Meet Mrs.Yuhasz

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

My name is Beth Yuhasz and I will be your child’s kindergarten teacher.  I am very excited about the upcoming school year.  I look forward to a year of learning and sharing with your child.  I anticipate building a friendly cooperative partnership with you and your family. 

This is my 12th year of teaching.  I have taught first grade for eight years and this is my 4th year teaching kindergarten.  It is exciting to see them grow and connect with the ever changing world through learning experiences and simple life lessons..

Like you, I am also a parent.  I have two children; Avery who is eight and Travis is five.  My husband and I feel blessed to have them. When I am not working, I enjoy scrapbooking, running, taking my daughter or son to extracurricular activities, crafts & baking with my children and most of all, being a mom!  We love doing things as a family and our children certainly keep us busy. 

I attended Livonia Public Schools myself, from K-12  After high school, I attended Western Michigan Universityand graduated with my bachelors in Elementary Education.  My minors include Early Childhood, Math, Science, and Integrated Creative Arts.  I also have a Master’s Degree from Marygrove College. 

My goal this year is the same as every year, to create an environment that meets the needs of individuals and helps facilitate growth and a love of learning.  I hope your child will love coming to school.  Through guidance, support and compassion, I will help your child achieve his or her best.