Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are important for building a child's self-esteem and self-confidence.  They help a child acquire independence with every day needs like, zipping, buttoning, velcroing, holding, carrying, pinching, pulling, etc.  In school they help support a child's ability to communicate as a writer, artist, athlete and more.  Below are some activities/suggestions, in no particular order, intended to help your child further develop their fine motor skills.

Playdough/Modeling Clay

Cutting with scissors (straight, zig-zag and curved lines)

Cutting with fork and knife

Coloring with pencil, crayons, markers and chalk

Painting (finger, brush, sponge,...)

Writing in sand, rice...

Using tongs to pick up items

Playing with small legos

Push pinning a shape

Typing using correct finger placement

Tying, buttoning, zipping...

Playing paper football

Folding and creasing paper

Stringing beads, cereal....


Using keys to open doors


Dot to Dot drawing

Playing piano or instrument