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*Ordering for a special event? Send us an email and we will keep your secret!  You wil be contacted when the books arrive.  
The more time that your child spends reading, the better reader they become. Scholastic Book Clubs are a easy, inexpensive way to build a home library to help your child develop a love of reading.  Order forms come home approximately once a month.  You do NOT have to order any books!  It takes a couple of weeks for the books to arrive at school and then they are sent home in your child's backpack.  
If you wish for the order to be a surprise,  send us an email and we will make sure your secret is kept.

Suggested titles may appear on this site but this does not mean you must purchase them for your student.  Books listed are only recommendations and are not part of our classroom curriculum.  

Ordering Made Easy! 
You may order from the book clubs online.  Click below and follow directions to place your Scholastic Book Order online.  This allows you to charge your purchase to your credit card.  For every order placed online, our classroom gets one free book!  You will create your own user name and password by using the classroom code below.  Your order will be attached to our classroom order and mailed to school.  Thank you for giving this a try, please let me know how your experienced was when ordering online.

Korovesis Classroom code : GTB9J
McDonald Classroom code : H7PWQ

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