Classroom News

Welcome: It’s Going to be   

a "Leapin" Year!  


Dear Parents and Students,

     It’s going to be a fun and exciting year together as we venture through the school year. I am excited to begin the new school year and look forward to a successful year with you and your child. Together we will grow, learn, and have lots of fun. I welcome you and your child to our classroom!

     I am excited to share with you that we are a Leader In Me School. More information will be shared about our journey together in another newsletter.

     I would like to share some information about myself. My husband and I with our four children live in Brighton. We have a daughter and son who are starting 12th grade and two sons who are starting 9th grade. I love to plan "family fun" nights, camp, and anything outdoor including gardening. I also enjoy Saturday football games, especially Michigan. I received my bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University and my master’s degree from Marygrove College. I taught kindergarten for five years, second grade for 9 years, and third grade for three years here at Randolph. I’m excited to be in first grade again and am looking forward to an enjoyable year with your child. I feel fortunate to have a wonderful teaching job that I love and a family that brings joy to my heart.

Some things that will be happening in the classroom:

*Newsletter sent home once a month or as needed

*Snack Everyday:   

- fruit, veggie, or cheese snack only please (no crackers)

*Birthday celebrations: 

       - Currently we have 26 students

      - Only non-food items

      -Summer birthdays: We can celebrate your child’s half birthday or we can celebrate it at the end of the year. Please let me know. If I don't hear from you, we will celebrate your child's birthday at the end of the year.

* Doing Our Best Program: The students will receive stars on a star chart Sample Image

       -Earn stars for leadership behavior, being kind and courteous,  for being responsible and for following the 7 habits.


*Show and Tell Once A Month 

     -Your child may bring in one item to share if they would like to on the designated day. It is usually the last Friday of the month.


*Minute to Win It Math Facts  

     -Your child will need to memorize his/her facts in first grade. They will have timed tests on Friday and will need to receive a score of 85% or higher to pass. Tests will begin later in the year. Please have your child make flash cards to study every night.  The students will keep track of their scores in their data notebooks to see their success.



          - Guided Reading Groups

            - Reader’s Workshop: Text Connections, Mental Images, Inferring, Asking Questions

             - Focus on Comprehension Skills

            - Scholastic Reading Series/News

* Writing 
- Handwriting

            - Capitals and Punctuation

          - Editing

         -Paragraph development with a focus on bold beginnings, mighty middles, and exciting endings.

         - shared writing

         -Units include:
Launching the writing workshop, revision, how to books, apprenticeship writing (studying craft), Opinion writing, Informational books, Writing Like a Scientist (Investigation Reports), and Poetry. 

*Word Study 


Weekly word tests will be given on Friday

          - New words come home on Friday

                  *please study throughout the week (not the night before)

            - High Frequency Words(begin 2nd week of school)

           - Will begin later in the month


-We use the program called Everyday Mathematics. For more information pertaining to this program, please visit their website at:

             -Math Message :Completed every morning to get ready for "today's" math lesson 


             -Games: Played to reinforce math concepts and skills

            -Mental Math: skills taught to make math easier and faster 

            - HOMELINKS: see below


Homelinks come home every day except when a lesson is taught over 2 days and some Fridays. Letters to parents are in front of each Unit Homelink book  and includes the answers. Please make sure your child does his/her homework every night that it is assigned. The house that is colored in will be that night’s homework. Please check your child’s work to make sure it is done correctly. The homework directly relates to the math concept taught that day. 

Social Studies 

               - What is a Citizen? How do we get along with others?

                - Fairness
                - Working together to solve a problem
                - What is a family?
                - How do we get what we want or need?
                - How do we learn about places?
                - How do we learn about the past?




     -Weather Watchers

Weather Watchers unit is taught in 2 quarters to span seasons and increase observations in changes in weather and seasons. Students collect weather data, temperature, cloud cover, wind speed and direction, and precipitation over a long period of time. They relate their weather observations to the changes in seasons. Weather observation tools are introduced, thermometer, rain gauge, and windsock.

-Sorting Things Out

Students sort objects by their observable properties and explore the interaction of different material and magnets. States of matter are introduced through solids keeping their shape and liquids taking the shape of the container.


  -An Animal's Life

Students study the basic needs of animals for survival and the life cycle of animals. The monarch is observed through its life cycle and common schoolyard animals are observed in a model habitat. Students observe and care for the animals. 


Please send an email or write a note if you have any questions/concerns or if your child’s pick up schedule changes, please do not email me. If your child’s schedule changes during the day, please contact the office. If a substitute teacher is in, they do not have access to my email. If it is an emergency, please contact the office. The best time to reach me is in the morning before school.

New Beginnings, 

Mrs. Smith