End of Year Goals

Kindergarten End of Year Goals




1.     Read and Write All Upper and Lower Case Letters

2.     Know All Sounds

3.     Know Concepts About Print (title, beginning of text, left page before right, return sweep, 1:1 word match, beginning of word, end of word, spaces, period, difference between letters and words)

4.     Repeat Rhyme, Identify Rhyme, Create Rhyme

5.     Identify Syllables in Words

6.     Read the 25 Kindergarten Sight Words

7.     Write 25 Kindergarten Sight Words

8.     Read Level D Independently



1.     Form Letters Correctly

2.     Use Upper and Lower Case Letters Appropriately

3.     Use of Inventive Spelling (kid spelling)

4.     Draw Detailed Pictures

5.     Write 4 Sentences About One Topic

6.     Include Correct Punctuation (Capital Letter, Spaces, Period)



1.     Count to 100

2.     Recognize Numbers 0-30

3.     Count By 5s, 10s to 100

4.     Count By 2s to 30

5.     Shapes (Circle, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Rhombus, Hexagon, Trapezoid)

6.     Create and Extend Patterns

7.     Sort Objects

8.     Coin Recognition (Name and Amount)

9.     Read and Construct a Simple Graph

10. Measure Objects Using Standard and Non-Standard Units

11. Create & Perform Simple Addition & Subtraction Sentences (with manipulatives)