Dear Parents,

Our themes this month are:  Getting Acquainted, Pete the Cat, All About 
Me, Our Senses, and Apples.   Literacy, math, science, and social studies
will center around these themes.

Gold Randolph Folders:  Every child will receive one on Sept. 6.  Please
read the information beginning with the Young Fives' Orientation Packet
and fill out the pink emergency cards (returning them to school as soon
as possible.)  Correct any incorrect information and make sure you have
two or three local emergency contacts and their phone numbers listed.
Every day, your child will enter the classroom with their folder.  They
will put the folder in their cubbie/mailbox.  At the end of class, they
will put their work in their folder and the folder in their backpack.

If you would like to be included in our class student directory, please
fill out the form on the pink chair next to the class door.  I will be
using this form to compile an email blast list.  This email will be sent
out every Thursday to inform you of activities we have engaged in 
during the week.

We are off to a great start!