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Safari Snapshot for the week of Monday, January 12th Another busy week! Here are a few of the things that have been going on. Math - We will be finishing up Unit 6 next week.  This is the halfway point in our math instruction!  Students have learned/reviewed many concepts during this unit including: - lines - line segment - ray - endpoint - angles (acute, obtuse and right) - clockwise and counterclockwise turns - triangles ( 3 sided shape with 3 sides, 3 angles and 3 vertices)   - the different types of triangles (equilateral, right and other) - Quadrangles (4 sided shape with 4 sides, 4 angles, 4 vertices) - Different types of quadrangles (square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid) - polygons - a shape with at LEAST 3 sides that is closed, has straight sides, is closed and does NOT intersect. PLEASE continue to practice multiplication math facts at home.  The more the better!  I am looking forward to watching the kids grow in their learning. LIteracy We began our Non-fiction reading and writing unit!  During this unit, students will learn about non-fiction text and they will learn how to write a non-fiction article.  They will be exposed to many different types of non-fiction.  I encourage you to support your child  by looking at your local library or at home for non-fiction types of text.   The concept we are working on currently is "paraphrasing". Paraphrasing helps students make connections with prior knowledge, demonstrate comprehension, and remember what they have read. Through careful explanation and thorough modeling by the teacher in this lesson, students learn to use paraphrasing to monitor their comprehension and acquire new information. They also realize that if they cannot paraphrase after reading, they need to go back and reread to clarify information. In pairs, students engage in guided practice so that they can learn to use the strategy independently. Students will need prompting and encouragement to use this strategy after the initial instruction is completed. The lesson can be extended to help students prepare to write reports about particular topics. Science We are finishing up our unit on MOTION next week!  There is a quiz, but it will be short and sweet. I have been doing many types of formative assessment during this unit to gain an understanding of your child's understanding of the concepts.  Here is the link again to assist with extra practice: http://quizlet.com/58350859/motion-flash-cards/ Social Studies Students will have a quiz on Wednesday on their social studies unit.  Mrs. Hillard sent home a guide to assist with their studying. Reminders/Upcoming Events * Friday (Today!) January 18 - Happy Birthday Alexis! * Monday, January 19 - No School * Wednesday, January 21 - Science and Social Studies Quiz * Friday, January 23 - No School for kids! * Friday, January 23 - Happy Birthday, Skyla! * Tuesday, January 27 - Pizza Day * Friday, January 30 - Report Cards go home! Be sure to let me know if you did NOT receive 2 permission slips for upcoming field trips. There is ONE for Greenfield Village, and another for "The Fly Guy". Thanks! Here is a welcome letter from our Student Teacher, Samantha Gutkowski (Miss G)   Hello,     My name is Samantha Gutkowski, otherwise known as Miss. G :) I grew up in Livonia Public Schools and truly loved every minute of it. I graduated from Stevenson in 2010 and attended Schoolcraft for 2 years. I'm currently in my 3rd year at Eastern Michigan and graduate this coming April (finally!). I have 3 sisters, which made growing up a lot of fun. I have a mini daschund puppy named Lexi. She's 11 months old and full of energy.       I am so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to be your child's student teacher. I have already learned so much in the past two week. I can't wait to keep learning and growing as a teacher in training! I hope I have the opportunity to meet you all. I'm here til April!                                           Thank you!  
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Q. What goes up when the rain comes down? A. An umbrella! Another WONDERFUL day the kids had today!   What a super way to end the week. Homework: There isn't any math homework this week Read for 40 minutes this weekend! Students had their first attempt at DAILY 5 today.  They did a fantastic job!  There  are 5 stations and the students rotate through each station during 15 minute intervals. I start off by grouping them and rotating them through each station.  As the year progresses, students will get to choose the order of their stations.  Today, the stations included: Math games, cursive, buddy read, portfolio, and writing (finishing their idiom assignment).  Science:  We brought out our 1/2 apples (or shared with a friend!) and looked at the similarities between the inside of an apple and the inside of a flower.  We talked about how the ovules in the middle of a flowers ovary (located in the pistil) will eventually turn into seeds.  We then had an opportunity to eat our apples!  Yum! Thank you to our 3 students for an exceptional job as our scientist, historian and quotemaster of the week!  We learned about a famous female flyer, learned an exceptional quote about being in control of your life by being the "captain of your ship" and saw a bottle of pop erupt after a mentos mint was added to it.  Great job, kiddos! Finally, we had our second nest meeting today.  We focused on the 7 habits and picked our favorite one that we feel represents us most.  Reminders/Updates: - No School Thursday, October 9 - Science Quiz Friday, October 10 (study guide will come home on Monday) - Second Annual SPLASH DASH next Saturday!!!!  Hope to see you there!!!! - Friday, October 17 PINK OUT!  Students and Staff will wear pink to show our support for Breast Cancer research.  There will  also be students in the lobby collecting donations and giving out raffle tickets to win a  gift certificate to AMC theaters!   Come on in and show your support! Have a wonderful weekend!
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The kids looked so adorable and handsome today!  This is one of the first years that our class actually didn't have our pictures after gym or recess! Homework: Study link 2.2 (if the students do not understand it, PLEASE don't stress about it! We will cover the topic more tomorrow) Read for 20 minutes Practice spelling words ***Bring an APPLE to school on Friday!  Preferrably cut in half and put in a baggie.  We are looking at the inside core and seeds. Writing: We continued to work on proper use of transitional words in our personal narrative. Reading: In Edward Tulane , poor Edward found a new emotion...EMBARASMENT!  Ask your child about "Susanna" and why this made Edward angry.  He also found that he was calm, content and feeling happy to be part of a family. Science: Students learned a little bit about SOME of the different ways that seeds can be dispersed: wind, water, on animal fur, eaten and passed through an animal, buried and forgotten by an animal.  We also watched a brief clip called "Sid the Seed" to wrap up the lesson. Social Studies: Students have a quiz on Friday.  They will be able to use their books. Third Grade will be getting a visit from Super Duper Cooper tomorrow!  He is a special therapy dog that loves to be read to by kids :)
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Homework tonight -  Math - study link 1.6; name collection boxes.  See sample below! https://www.mheonline.com/assets/wg_download/parent_connection/Routines/EM3HCH_G1-3_023-029.pdf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWAUPbN_hC8 Reading -  I am asking that students begin to read every night for 15-20 minutes.  They can:  read independently, read WITH someone (like take turns reading paragraphs or pages), read TO someone, or even spend the time doing Raz Kids! http://www.raz-kids.com/main/Login/teacherUsername/awatts18 Teacher use name:  awatts18 Word Study -  We practiced our words today on wipeboards as well as went through and discussed the short "u" sounds and the long "u" sounds.  Be sure to practice the words with your child for our test on Friday.  I will be choosing 10 words from the given word list, as well as the 5 "high frequency" words located on the bottom of the sheet. We had a busy day today! Ask your child what the word "vain" means from our word of the day! It's a gorgeous day outside!  I hope you were able to get out and enjoy a few moments :)
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Happy Friday! We had a wonderful end to the week.  Students are working hard at learning and keeping up with the new routine and rules.   Planner Snapshot: Math - Homework/ study link 1.4   We took our Everyday Math Pre-Test today for 3rd grade. In class, we are working on basic time.  It is still challenging for students to read an analog clock, so practice, practice, practice!  Reading - We continue to work on decoding strategies to figure out the meaning of words, as well as we look for "power" words in our reading (like "extravagant" or "distractions".  I have been reading Matilda by Roald Dahl for our class read a loud and the students are truly enjoying it! Word Study - the first, new list of words came home today! I will be choosing 10 words off of that list for our spelling test on Friday, as well as will be assessing the students on the 5 high frequency words.  Please practice the words at home. ****Don't forget - Monday is LMC!  Make sure you remind your child to bring their library books back to school if they brought them home.  Have a WONDERFUL weekend!
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We had a GREAT day today and worked hard.  Here is our daily "Planner Snapshot" - Math - Study link 1.2 tonight.  We worked on place value grids - Reading - Students continue to work on STAMINA with reading.  We talked about how finding the right books helps us stay focused!  After our 20 minutes of reading, we had the chance to share out something from our reading today. - Writing - We continued looking at samples of Personal Narratives.  Today, we continued with our Patricia Polacco study and read Chicken Sunday.  Ask your child about how the kids synergized to create a "win win" situation with Miss Eula.  (remind them about the eggs and hat.) - Science - we watched a video on living and non-living things as an introduction to our new science unit. - Word Study - our word of the day today was "intricate".  This word was used in Chicken Sunday to describe the eggs that the children decorated.   Have a GREAT night...and let's hope this weather gets better REAL quick! A.W. 
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